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Re: Solar return

Originally Posted by markip View Post
Hello everyone! Can someone please interpret my solar return chart? It is solar and natal chart with houses(solar outer circle, natal inner circle). I had my birthday recently and i am curious about the following year. Thank's a lot!!
Dear in generall,
this year ASC of Solar Return is on Virgo in your 4th Natal House. The ruler here is Mercury, so your birthday Mercury will activate.
This year, Mercury issues will be in the first place. It will also activate the square of Mercury with natal Saturn. This shows fatigue and some weakness but also in mental (interpretive mind communication, etc.).

The ascendant in the fourth house shows that you will focus on issues related to your home (changes, possible a move, parents' issues, etc.). The virgin sign of work and health tells us that you will have a particularly intense day job, a lot of work that may bring you some health problems (virgin) that may be mainly with psychological issues (8th). Perhaps the family issues have a strong influence on the professional situation. Hard work and daily routine shows the chart that may all bear you mental and physical fatigue.

Saturn in your 4th solar return says the same. Issues that will come from the family environment. Maybe some hereditary issues. I do not know. You will tell us how it will go and it will come out because the concepts are many and they can each show many different things.

Sun in the 9th is a good element in the sense that it can bring you a great journey, or start some training, or improve the mental state.
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