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Re: Parivartana Yoga confusion!

Originally Posted by Crystalpages View Post

Haha! Mercury makes nativities jovial!

Mercury also has a very serious side! Hence someone just yawningly (bored and jaded ;-)) trying to average mercury spectrum they would say, mercury is undecided or even call it neutral, or they will look at the spectrum of mercury and say that mercury can go flip and mercury can go flop (Jack of all, master of none!) or they would simply say that mercury be given the central colour in the spectrum of 7 which goes from V to R with G (green) in the middle so let that be mercury's colour our of vibGyor! My God, I should have copy-righted that <LOL>

They are not wrong. I have, what many people call mercurial nature (me in gemini in 7th house). I live what you just wrote.
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