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Re: Functional benefic or natural malefic!

Originally Posted by dr. farr View Post
28 is in the higher "average" sarva bindu totals (under 25 below average, 25-27 lower average, 28-30 higher average, 31+ above average) So don't worry about it (I have 29 sarva bindus in the 7th house: my late wife and I were together for 40 years!)

When we make other considerations (other than simply benefic/malefic) using sarva bindu totals, we use varying criteria: for example, whatever potential maraka planet-candidate (chosen according to the rules/methods for deciding the likely maraka) has the HIGHER sarva bindu count (among the maraka candidates) is the most likely maraka planet-whether benefic or malefic ON ITS OWN (within the simple context of sarvas indicating a planet will be a malefic or a benefic) makes no difference, in coming to decide the maraka planet (using the methodology of selecting maraka candidate planets)

In "breaking a tie" regarding determination of likely maraka (eg Venus and Saturn both having 33 sarva bindus), do the following:
-add up the sarva bindus for the place (sign) Venus is in and also for the 2 signs it owns (Taurus and Libra)
-do the same for the place (sign) Saturn is in and also for the 2 signs it own (Capricorn and Aquarius)
-compare the sarva bindu totals for Venus and Saturn: whichever has the highest total = the likely maraka planet
(still tied? then BAV tables would have to be used: find the BAV for the planetary lord of the ascendant; now in that planet's BAV table note the BAV bindus for the sign Venus is in and the sign Saturn is in: whichever HAS THE LOWER BAV BINDUS in the planetary lord of the ascendant's BAV table, between Venus and Saturn, would be the most likely maraka planet-note here that a different criteria is applied for BAV than for SAV)
Dear Dr Farr,

I am just trying to get my logic right.

The potential maraka getting more bindus in SAV becomes a strong maraka.... as you said.
If so, it would mean the natural propensity of a planet gets stronger having more SAV bindus.

Would this mean: a natural malefic having more SAV bindus will become a stronger malefic?


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