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Re: Functional benefic or natural malefic!

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This is tricky for me. Mars and sun are functional benefics for my lagna i.e. Sag. But when ashtakvarga method is taken into account, they both become functionally malefic for me, since sun is tenanting taurus and mars gemini. How?
The sarva bindus show how ALL OTHER PLANETS AND THE LAGNA contribute energies to EACH planet (under consideration): it shows HOW WELL ALL the planets and lagna will allow the planet under consideration, to perform; if the total contributed bindus are low (under 25) the totality effect of all planets and lagna will be - toward the planet under consideration, hence its - qualities will be encouraged by this combination of total influences, over its + qualities; and vice versa (regarding high sarva bindus) So sarva bindus are the combined influences of all planets and the lagna, held within the given sign (and thus shared with any planet positing that sign)
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