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Re: Functional benefic or natural malefic!

Originally Posted by Astroenthusiast View Post
Which means that since Aries has 26 bindus, any planet posited in Aries would also have 26 bindus.
Yes (also any Node posited there as well)

There is another method which counts:
-the sarva bindus of the sign the planet is in
-the sarva bindus of the sign (Sun, Moon) or signs (other 5 planets) owned by the planet
...these bindu totals are added together, then divided by the number of factors involved, the remainder (rounded to the next higher sarva bindu number if a fraction remains) = the "net" (or averaged) sarva bindu total for that planet: the same table of relative sarva bindu totals which I have already posted, is used in making a final detriment/mixed/dignified evaluation...
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