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Re: Functional benefic or natural malefic!

Where it says "total" (at the bottom) this = the total sarva bindus for that sign: any planet in that sign would have that total of sarva bindus (sign # = signs from Aries, #1, to Pisces, #12)

Example: in the posted table: Aries = 26 bindus; Taurus = 23 bindus; Gemini = 23 bindus; Cancer = 28 bindus; Leo = 26 bindus; Virgo = 28 bindus; Libra = 29 bindus; Scorpio = 27 bindus; Sagittarius = 27 bindus; Capricorn = 28 bindus; Aquarius = 38 bindus; Pisces = 34 bindus.

The list of numbers next to each planet, show the bindus contributed by each planet to each sign:
Example: Saturn: 3 (under sign 1) means Saturn contributes 3 bindus to Aries; next number, 4, (under sign 2) means Saturn contributes 4 bindus to Taurus, etc etc; same with all the other planets.

Determining the dignity/detriment (hence functional benefic/functional malefic) qualities of each planet based on sarva bindus:
-find the sign the planet is posited in
-see the total sarva bindus for that sign (at the bottom of the list by the word) Total
-use the following table to determine if the planet is "dignified" (by sarva bindu totals) or mixed or "detrimented" (by sarva bindu totals)

-24 or fewer sarva bindus = detrimented (= functionally malefic)
-25 to 30 sarva bindus = mixed (see my discussion of "partial transformation" in my earlier post to this thread)
-31 or higher sarva bindus = dignified (= functionally benefic)
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