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Re: Functional benefic or natural malefic!

If a natural malefic is transformed (in a specific chart) into a functional benefic, it loses (for that chart) all malefic qualities: if a natural benefic is transformed (in a specific chrt) into a functional malefic, it loses (for that chart) all benefic qualities.
HOWEVER-be aware that any planet can-depending upon concurrent circumstances-only be PARTIALLY transformed: in these very common cases, the natural tendency of the planet will be SOMEWHAT MORE DOMINANT in such partial (ie mixed) circumstances: eg, Saturn has 27 sarva bindus in its placement in X chart-Saturn is thus PARTIALLY transformed into a PARTIAL (MIXED) functional benefic-however, since this is only a PARTIAL transformation, there will be SOMEWHAT more - Saturn influence in its mixture, than + Saturn influence, since Saturn is a "natural" malefic (if Saturn had 31 or more sarva bindus, it would have been completely transformed into a functional benefic and no malefic qualities of Saturn would be expected to have influence in that chart)
...same principle applies to all the planets...
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