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Re: I Just Want What's Fair

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
I don't do much predictive astrology, but you might post your questions in yes-or-no format on one of the horary boards. (Such as, "Will I win my lawsuit?" "Will I return to work soon?")
Absolutely! The question need not be in yes-or-no format. Most often on these forums we get horary questioners who have asked/made their own charts, and that works. In this instance that is not the case, and so we default to the original way horary works, in the answering astrologer casting a chart for the moment the question was received and understood. If you would like, you could make a chart at for 5:22 PM, September 20, Rochester NH, and post it in the horary forum.

You might say I'm pretty familiar with lawsuit charts.

In this case and just on short are not going to be evicted, your neighbor is not going to be evicted, and you will have your expenses covered.
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