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Re: Psychopathy in natal chart

Originally Posted by clip11 View Post
Which planetary placements indicate psychopathy in a natal chart?

[OP indicates there is no ONE placement for psychopathy and that there are MANY POSSIBLE indicators - if you don't know any astrological indicators of psychopathy or don't believe in astrological indicators of psychopathy DON'T post - Moderator]
The main feature of a psychopath is that he/she doesn't feel compassion and empathy for others. Also no feelings of guilt and guilty conscience.

Therefore, I would say that a main indicator should be a badly placed Moon, and the rest of the indicators could go something like:

a) Good Mercury position due to them being communicative and manipulative
b) Bad Mars position due to them being impatient and aggressive, selfish
c) Pluto aspecting Moon/Mercury?

Let's say just for the sake of the argument, that these indicators are correct. What do we do with people who have such placements in their chart, but are NOT psychopaths?

I don't know if that can be seen in the chart.
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