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Re: what will come of it? Too young?

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Dr. Farr

Out of curiosity say if Mercury is not dignified and is a deficit instead of appearing as a balanced attribute as far as one might consider Mercury to be average or benefic in dignity, would it change the consideration of the judgement of the part of Rectitude -arriving at a judgement that would be deemed helpful for his discordant quality - should we then discern that Mercury be a minus presence - his part in the equation being of a discordant nature? The theory of adding a discordant should be opposite to arriving at a positive conclusion? (Although I like the idea of adding rather than subtracting - but I should think a discordant energy would diminish the prospects for success rather than augmenting progressive results?)

Mars is always considered a malefic so I understand the minus energy that the part must realize of his minus consideration of his influence in the part - but, if he should be a needful umph that is the only hope of the charts progress, would he not also be considered a progressive element or power changing the formula from minusing him from the equation to a plus of his placement as a part or Rectitude (?).just a jangled thought of mine.

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In using Lots, we use set formulae, and do not take cognizance of the dignity or the detriment of the component parts of that formula in using that formula to arrive at a Lot-placement.

The Lot of Rectitude is a type of Lot which varies in formula relative to day or night: the diurnal formula is ascendant + mars - mercury; the nocturnal formula is ascendant + mercury - mars. The (alleged) essential benefic, neutral or malefic nature of the planets involved in any given Lot, is not taken into consideration in computing the Lot.

A computed Lot is judged (as to + or - influences) by several factors: position relative to angular/succedent/cadent is important, sign can be important, and dispositor of the sign the Lot is in is important. NOW, if the significator the Lot happens to be detrimented, then that would be a NEGATIVE testimony regarding the Lot. So in your hypothetical example, if Mercury were in detriment, then-while this would have NO influence regarding the construction (computation) of the Lot-it WOULD be a negative testimony regarding the meaning of the Lot in the particular chart.
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