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what will come of it? Too young?

I'm excited I've met someone who seems to fall out of my pattern of bad romances. Finally out of that ring of fire (sagittarius.. for now) and am dealing with an adorable virgo with good synastry. There is a little bit of an age difference, and there are a few other worries that will be resolved with time I think as I learn more about this person; mutual attraction was expressed.

No aspect between mercury or jupiter, but moon in fertile taurus will trine sun smack on the cusp of the fifth. It's one of those attractions where all that is needed is a look, which is shown as well in synastry.

I am wondering if anything will come of it.. I see that mercury will conjunct sun in virgo later, after moon trines him in 9 units. Being a fixed sign in a cadent house, i'm not sure which time unit to use but if it's weeks, that's about the time left i have predicted by my older thread about my next partner in general.

Any other signs of staying power? I notice mercury is in the 4th (partner's 10th), but will conjunct sun in the 5th.
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