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Re: Borderline and body dysmorphia?

I've never felt fully accepted and integrated within a friend group either, and sometimes find it hard to maintain stable relationships with my friends. My romantic relationships have been fine however, I just struggle with being socially accepted. Are there any indicators in my chart that could suggest this?" - it's amazing how well this describes your North node and south node.

South node in 5th/leo shows something you have learned in early childhood or a previous life is you believe in that. And that has to do with your romantic relationships being alright. However since the north node is unfamiliar to us and one we need to walk on and learn it's usually a bit hard in early age . Yours being in 11th/ Aqua that rules large groups and friendships. In time you will learn how to maintain both. Some say people start walking their north node path in their 30s but I disagree. With awareness you can start walking that path much earlier.

The thing about NN in 11th is since it's aqua house it means "We are a group of friends and we are all different and don't fit as a group but it still works and we are still friends." It's about accepting people who are different to you and accepting that "you don't fit in". Accepting your own diversity and loving it and owning it. It's okay to be different and not fit in the mass in some aspects but in the end we all have the same qualities. We are all humans struggling with this thing called life.
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