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Re: Please help!

Your Saturn-Mars conjunction is likely a major contributor to your self-doubt (as well as your prominent Pisces influence, as Pisces tends to be self-depreciating). Your drive and initiative are inhibited with this aspect. It would also be a good idea to keep an eye on Saturn's transits and your progressions just to look out for the possibility of these doubts being temporary.

I think nursing might be a decent career choice for you because of all the water in your chart (indicating intuition, sensitivity, and compassion), and your 6th house Jupiter, which indicates (to put it simply) a cohesion of the themes of luck, fortune, and prosperity within the physical, health-related area of life. I also see a lot of potential for psychological healing jobs, like therapy; rehabilitation is kind of down the middle of these two fields, so perhaps that's something you could consider.
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