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Re: Who is influencing Alexander against me? This is serious.


Yes, at least to me the chart says that this 'unknown' intruder (Ven) is someone from his workplace, like I said earlier.

As to what I meant re " your influence upon him" is just that. With Jup weak in Gem and closer to the S Node, your influence upon/ your connection to him is weak, which it is, as also said. You don't have to be in touch with a person to influence him. He is on your mind, isn't he? Jup in his house, shows your interest in him, as also said.

With my own Mer combust, I sometimes tend to overlook certain details, which I now notice: Moon is via combusta, which can sometimes literally be telling of the (weakness of the) situation. Moon is your co-sig and the engine of the chart. The intention behind the question (as the context is very important) is whether he will get back to (maybe with) you, even though the question itself is different. In that context and with a via combusta Moon (weak), plus Moon going to meet Sat, Sat can only show 2 things: an obstacle for you that you cannot overcome, at least right now. Why? Your sig and co-sig are both weak. Ven will meet Sat right after you (Moon), and Ven is in a better position and is going to meet a strong Sat. In reality, I'd let the sitation rest, if and until he gets back to you. If the Moon were not doing that poorly, and with Sat signifying your 3rd house, it would have shown a contact re-establishment clearly. However, as you can see, Moon is long past that Sat, and contact has not happened. On the other hand, what are your options, if you didn't pay heed to Astrology, so you can get on with your life? Set yourself a time limit, if he doesn't contact you, you are still interested in him, then you contact him. If and whether he responds, you will know for sure.

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