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Re: Who is influencing Alexander against me? This is serious.


I think this could have to do with somebody's involvement with him, with Ven ruling his 5th and 12th, something that is behind the scenes. There could also be an involvement of money/some kind of a joint enterprise somehow. You, as Jup in the 7th (his house), reflects your interest in him, perhaps also your influence upon him. However, with Jup in detriment in Gem, it is weak. Ven, on the other hand, in 7th is in a slightly better position.

Merc's (he) next aspect will be a sextile to Jup, which is you, so there is a slight chance of clarity in the situation/improvment. Jup rules his 10th and Mars his 6th. Mer will, after Jup, go to meet Mars, which gives me the feeling this coud be a co-worker, or a friend (Mars rules his 11th). With the Moon (our co-sig plus chart's driving force) moving towards Sat (which is strong in Lib), I think you should get to know about this either through a (common) friend, or maybe even from him (Sat in 11th and rules the 3rd). The S Node in the 7th poses some kind of an obstacle (S Node acts more like Sat), clearly very telling of your situation. The chart also 'garners' the situation and reflects the question/concern well. Please let us know, and all the best.


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