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Re: Is my chart horrible or am I overreacting?

Originally Posted by AprilDiamond View Post
and, I recently learned about the progressed chart and have been studying that. My progressed moon is in the 2H but I feel like i'm still acting 12H house moon-like.
I mean horrible is a pretty subjective term. Horrible for what?

What I see in your chart is someone who is very soft and may find themselves in a position of servitude because of their softness, with Venus ruing your Ascendant, exalted in the 6th in Pisces with Mercury and opposite Venus. Definitely more of a follower than a leader and people probably prey on that.

However there isn't anything necessarily wrong with that unless you feel some arbitrary pressure to be more assertive. Perhaps assertive enough so that other people won't take advantage of you, which is always beneficial. Tons of people thrive in a supportive role and I'm sure people find you very supportive and easy to be around. You would make a pretty good nurse or counselor in my opinion. Your natal is also pretty good for someone who works with animals.

Also your progressions won't fundamentally change your character. Progressions are only layered on top of what's already there.

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