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Re: Is my chart horrible or am I overreacting?

You are so very welcome - I'm glad you found something that resonated with you.
Well I can relate to the secluded isolated life style though no specific advice there other than it's really good to see you have been figuring it out - I still haven't with my own stuff.

Chiron... yes... when we read Greene's chapter on him in Boundaries she says something like "Chiron wants to find real solutions to problems here on earth, not in heaven" relating to how it refers to situations that demand major major adjustment, and it tends to cause some elevation of problems whenever it touches off a planet or a cusp.

Your Neptune-Venus experience sounds familiar with being let down too - the plus side if there is one is that once you have your eyes open you are more careful about not just falling for it the next time this kind of situation comes up. And a good thing is that I think (actually saved your chart on a different computer) it is either close to or just completely done with Neptune not coming back to earlier than 17 Pisces this time around. So this pattern is done with and you'll start seeing some nicer and more helpful people (or better treatment from people in general) now that it's moving on. (Being that I have Venus just 1 degree before you it's also been a theme for me the past 3 years but mine is now done.)

I have had others say it is easier for them to handle things long distance with some of these aspects so that's good it's working out for you and things are staying stable there - definitely sounds like some Saturnian themes but of the positive variety.

The chart is from a program I've been making to put into a web site for people to use but haven't gotten around to the second part so I just make ones as needed with the standalone version for now. However you can get the transit and progression charts separately from and for free with astrolog32 for windows - I just wanted to get them all in one hence the 3 chart wheel - there's another variety with two synastries with the composite in the middle since those are quite useful for seeing issues with people getting along as you noticed.
My chart:

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