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Re: Is my chart horrible or am I overreacting?

Originally Posted by jkxx74 View Post
(your chart with transits and progressions)

As waybread said I don't see anything terrible but I wanted to go with progressions to see if there was anything going on with your chart right now that's making you feel down. There are a couple things which stand out - one is transit Chiron having recently crossed your descendant into your 7th house - this would have coincided with getting hurt by others somehow (typically) or getting some undeservedly painful evaluation. Chiron itself passing through H7 speaks of thinking of the ways you have been hurt through relating with others. The other theme related to this one is that Neptune is in conjunction with natal Venus (you have it in the same degree as me basically) and usually you end up with some disillusionment around this transit such as being seriously let down by someone who turns out to be not what you believed them to be. In either case we are talking about being mistreated by others rather than anything being wrong with your chart.

There are a couple of aspects in the natal chart that could give you trouble, though. Between '87 and '90 Saturn and Uranus were in conjunction in Sag-Cap (decans 3 and 1 of those respective signs) and they could cause problems if they would get entangled with a pair of personal planets in opposition say in the natal chart. You have such an opposition between moon and Venus (and Mercury) and all those planets hit Saturn-Uranus by square.

Saturn's effect is the more problematic one for you since it's the closer in orb to Moon-Venus while Uranus picks up the square to Mercury - this is kind of a good thing since Saturn is easier to deal with than Uranus but it can still make life tough. Moon-Saturn basically can make you feel like it's not ok to feel certain things or to "bother" other people with whatever you are feeling (Saturn always seems to want to make you figure it out on your own) while Venus-Saturn can be discouraging for relationship since it feels like it takes too much work to make one work or somehow there are too many duties and responsibilities involved. Because these are both feeling planets these aspects can give you this underlying feeling that things are just too hard and unpleasant but they need not be, it is that natal Saturn that is making it seem so. The flip side is that if you can get Saturn relatively happy (by for example having security and structure in your life) it can allow Moon and Venus more freedom to try to do their thing and seem to run your life a bit less.
Whoa thank you for this and the chart showing all of the 3 charts combined. Your right about chiron going into my 7th. I dont know how long the effects last before and after but all last year and up until end of feb/early march I had very painful hurtful relationship stuff happening to me. It affected me health-wise (mental and physical) and work-wise. But it did open up my eyes and made me accept that I'm someone who needs to be partnered so I should take more charge about who I date and who's in my life. So I started learning synastry and practiced manifesting the right partner and the right relationship so i'm very thankful for those chiron lessons. Chiron may still be affecting me through my daughter now. She says some pretty hurtful things lately (her moon is in Aries) but even thats been getting better through learning synastry and applying it to our relationship. So your so right about chiron giving me painful evaluations. I havent had any major let downs recently by others but I'm very secluded and dont have any friends and havent talked to any family members in 9 months. But my mom did let me down major back in july/august last year and my sagittarius ex let me down major in dec/jan.

Regarding moon-saturn making me feel like its not okay to feel certain things or bother other people with how im feeling you are 100% accurate. And relationships are very overwhelming for me. I decided to stick long distance relationships to avoid that overwhelmed feeling and now im dating a truck driver (since late Jan) who I barely ever see but talk to alot and its the longest happiest relationship ive been in a while (my saturn has aspects to every single planet in his chart except his saturn and he's former military and has been giving me alot of structure mentally so maybe im starting to satisfy my saturn)

Thank you so much I'm gonna give more attention to Saturn in my charts and all its aspects. If its not too much to ask how did you make that chart with all three charts combined? On ?

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