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Re: Is my chart horrible or am I overreacting?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Welcome to the forum.

Your chart is not horrible. There are very few "vanilla" charts out there. Most people have a mix of challenging and easy aspects. Millions of people born about your birth year have the Saturn-Uranus conjunction, and most will have one or more hard aspects to it.

The birth chart is like your road map for life. Progressions show where you are now on the map astrologically, but they don't alter you basic map. Your progressed moon generally shows a particular area of interest or concern by its house location.
Thank you for response. I didnt realize saturn-conjunction was bad or not so good aspect. I'm gonna do some research on it now. I guess it being in my 3rd house might be why im worrying over it so much.

My life has been full of saturn uranus themes (overwhelment, change, instability, lots of delays, career delays, career-related debt) so im gonna focus on researching that area of my chart. Thanks for pointing that out.

Regarding the progressed chart.. man I was hoping that would be like my new chart and i can abandon my natal cause its so much better
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