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Re: Finding Out Your Vertex?

Originally Posted by astro11 View Post
I've posted the vertex explanation off of my website:

Vertex: The Vertex is a highly fated point in your chart and it is always found between your fifth and eighth houses. The symbol for the vertex on an astrological chart is Vx. You must have your precise birth time to calculate it because it changes every 4 minutes, as do all the house cusp degrees. There will be at least one time in your life, (sometimes twice) when the vertex is activated by important transits that it will bring an unexpected, life changing event. You will not be the same person after the vertex transit; your vision, beliefs, thoughts, values and ways of looking at the world will forever be changed. If you have a planet making a close hard aspect in your natal chart (conjunction, opposition or square) within a two degree orb of your vertex, the planet's qualities will always be very important in your life but after the vertex transit the planet's qualities take on a much more significant role in your true purpose for this life. Integrating the planet's traits and energies into your life purpose and vision is critical to making optimal spiritual and personal growth in this life and ignoring the energies will have a hugely detrimental effect. If the Nodes are also aspecting the vertex-planet, you have a very special and destined purpose in this life in connection with the planet's domain. You have the potential to contribute significantly to humanity in this regard and by making a good effort you will have tremendous success.
The vertex is always highly active in karmic relationships. When you compare your natal chart with another person's natal chart and notice important vertex connections you can be assured that this person is fated to be in your life for a purpose, you could not help but meet them. The nature of the encounter can be either good or bad but it is always memorable. The length of their stay in your life can be less than one day or for a lifetime but you will never forget them. They will play an important part in shaping your outlook on some area of life or expanding your ideas on important topics.

Personally, I have an exact natal Neptune-vertex conjunction in the fifth house that was recently transited by Pluto (by conjunction). I can testify that it indeed was dramatic and life changing and Neptune's qualities play a much larger role in my life now.

Samantha Samuels
Thanks for sharing the Vertex material . I had never payed any attention to the vertex previously but decided to find mine based on a recent article .
Turns out my Vertex is conjunct my natal Pluto in the 8th house of Leo at 0 ' 15 . That within itself was enough to get my attention . The fact that 8th house energies have played a significant role in my life just adds to my need for a better understanding of it's influence .

If anyone has any input regarding it's placement in my chart would love to hear from you .

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