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Website Natal Chart -

This website is so cool, like our occult brethren sister site.

The born on date for - May 15, 1999 time unknown

Please give it a look & any insights as to why it fits a paranormal theme.
Then I will share the link over there.

Two things standout to me....

1) The fixed star Caput Algol figures prominantly.
Caput Algol the Ghoul, or Demon Star
Algol, or Caput Algol Ras al-Ghul, the brightest star of the Gorgon's Head
has consistently and universally been seen as a malefic star that brings
calamity and loss to humanity. On a personal level it means to lose one's head,
in other words, it makes people act rashly, without forethought or due consideration.

Examples of Caput influence can be seen in the events/charts
of Stephen King, Johnny Depp, Stalin, and the Guillotine inventor.
Losing your head indeed!

Check out for more info.

2) Next, the YOD formation (The green lines w/ Pluto in the point)
It features a crisis of - and a need for - perspective, in which the energies
of the two sextiled planets find difficulty integrating with that of the apex,
quincunxed planet.
This dichotomy is not directly a conflict, rather a bewilderingly dualistic,
seemingly irresolvable and compromising situation.
This is an 'appointment with power' in which consciousness and its capacity for seeing are tested.
It is a secret to be decoded, an intense dilemma, or a visitation
from the Unknown.

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