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Smile Re: Questions I have...

To RosieOne & raqun:

Thank you guys SO much! This is tremendously helpful.


Being an 11th House Aquarius you ask really intense and deep questions. I am sure this is not the first time you have given people PAUSE when asking them questions.
^That made me laugh out loud. It's VERY true. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm asking such deep and intense questions. Hope I wasn't too challenging for you.

[You] suck at small talk.
LOL I feel so awkward with small talk, I really do suck at it.

Yes, most of the archetypes dancing within you this life are interested in worldly things in the future, higher mind and learning and exploring/travel (9th), your calling/career (10th) and paradigm shifting and bringing in a better world (11th).
Thank you for clarifying this. I find it interesting to note that even though I'm interested and have a very high potential to participate in worldly things, I still have Moon in the 4th house and Moon in Leo. Perhaps it's there to keep me grounded? At least thats how I interpret it? I kind of see Moon in the 4th house in reality as a "home base" that I can come and go as needed when I need to regenerate from the positive and negative chaos of the world.

But you are super Chrionic
Would you mind expanding a little more on this? I did some research after reading this part, but I'm still a little puzzled over it's exact interpretation and how the asteroid relates to my chart.

Read the Cap Uranus Neptune Generation thread.
I headed over there after reading your response and all I can say is I couldn't stop grinning while reading the thread. It rings extremely true (at least in my case) and, yes, I have some transformative ideas/hopeful plans in the works that will assist in bringing a new kind of perspective and outlook on life here in this human life that will benefit future generations. Pretty exciting stuff. I'm a creative with a passion for encouraging, experimenting with, and creating innovative solutions through the use of my artistic abilities. Still exploring which direction(s) I should/would like to take but, I'm excited to see where I'll go.

The down side is that you might actually think you ARE your thoughts and they can get misty.
Yes, I deal with this constantly. It's rather annoying, but I am working on it. Again, thank you for the validation!

It makes you learn astrology really really fast so that you understand that this question is too big.
Got it.

I plan to chime in on the Cap, Uran, Nep, Generation thread as well later on. Thats a very interesting post. Out of curiosity, other than perhaps a strong passion for it, do you work as a professional astrologer? Thanks again, I'll post the rest of my questions I have later on in a separate reply post. Although, I've interpreted most of my chart by myself, I still consider myself new to astrology so your replies are very helpful.

Thanks for going a bit more in depth, your description made perfect sense. I've only just begun to explore my subconscious to bring up those fears and all. I definitely expect to "sting" myself a few more times, even though I don't prefer it. I suppose it has to do with the whole "learning process" of life.

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