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Re: Venus square Ascendant


Even though I need more information about your natal chart and I cannot "judge"by one aspect, let's try to make it logical in this case:

Ascendant in Capricorn - Your first impression towards other people is cold. They can barely see any emotions there, and even your face may be a "poker face". This is something you cannot control. And they can see you as a very serious and strict person. Of course, when they meet you better, they will see your Sun more.

Venus in Libra - This is a very emotional and artistic aspect, need for sharing love with another and building harmony in life. Need for other people, relationships,...

When you mix those too, you get a person who seems very cold and reserved at the beginning and has struggles to build lovable relationships with others (and this person wants it so badly), so you may have struggles with people at the beginning.

Wish you best of luck!

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