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Re: Romeo and Juliet...will we ever be together?

Yes, it does mean all that (well, I'm not entirely certain on the last part of the last sentence personally...but all the rest of it sure).

However, the south node is a point of completion and ending. So normally those things will be moved out of a person's life in the end. As the person has already had a strong connection with those things and needs to balance by connecting with the opposite (i.e. the north node).

Most things in astrology, even the most reliable, fail at times (or fail me anyway). But the south node conjunct ascendant of another person I have always found to be the "same story" every's the only thing I've seen work 100% - now I'll probably end up finding some chart that proves me wrong, mind you.

It's always "we have the strongest connection and understand each other more than anyone else ever has, soulmates etc" followed inevitably by a sad ending. Normally of just not being able to be together and drifting apart, but sometimes very dramatic events happening such as death, moving overseas etc. I've got to the point where I'm quite bad really...I look at the nodes first and if I see that I hardly even bother to look any further.

Looking further for you though, your moons in general seem nicely compatible from what I can see...except your moon is "before" his which isn't really the best as it kind of short circuits the "energy" to being more you flowing to him.

Normally in an ideal (heterosexual) relationship the initiative will be more from the male and it helps if the male moon is earlier than the female moon for this. When the females moon is first it tends to cause her to have to take the lead in a relationship more than is ideal and she'll have to be more patient with the guy. It can sometimes lead to a degrading of respect for each other as time goes on in a relationship.

But since the moons are nice otherwise, it is a minor blemish that would probably be workable.

Like I said though, with that node I haven't seen a relationship succeed long term yet, regardless of anything else in the charts.

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