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Re: Synastry chart - doomed from the start??

yes it is doomed from the start,

you love is shown by eros opposed to psyche with venus squaring this opposition. this shows you are enchanted with a idealistic, childlike infatuation. you feel as a child experiencing love for the first is as much ethereal/spiritual as physical and emotional.

the sun is conjunct the vertex which always brings a sense of fate/karma or soulmate into the relationship. but without other aspects, this aspect is just a other worldly sensation that will not result in a stable relationship. but it definitely makes one feel there is some kind of magic

but you need to get over it because you are in a dream world ,he does not feel the same love for you.

mars is conjunct to orcus and square to pluto. this is the absolutely most selfish sexual configuration there is.

the sun is square to eris, which gives a very strong passion, but not a intimate love. eris brings jealousy and emotional strife . in addition chiron is opposed to the sun which shows criticism and faultfinding would dominate the relationship.

the moon is sextile to venus and trine to juno ,so you likely fall in to dreams of marriage, but Neptune is conjunct to satrun and square Lilith which shows that nothing he has said or done is true. he is deceptive and secretive and could never be trusted.

the nodes will conjunct psyche and eros during December so it is most likely that you will really start feeling this ethereal infatuation then

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