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Re: greetings, shiny people!

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my name is arya ishtar. i am a lifelong seeker, a student of tarot and self-analysis for 20+ years, and a "reluctant" astrology student.
(am an "open minded cynic" with serious ADD who, until i'd really grasped the 78 cards, didn't think i had the focus for astrology.)
have been studying my own chart for ten years and *still* getting insights, breakthroughs, gestalt flashes.
am preparing for my vaudeville retirement of traveling in a caravan, making salves and tinctures, juggling, tapdancing, doing reiki,
singing and playing guitar, piano, and violetta, reading tarot, charting, and giving "considered counsel."
(tromping in nature, mountain biking, and birdwatching for fun.)
i am intuitive and tuned in to either
a) genetic memory,
b) jung's collective unconscious,
c) past lives,
d) ESp, or a combination thereof. i learn by cherrypicking that which resonates with me deeply.
when i read, i react either with, "wow! YES!," or "pffft!"
i do not stand on convention or false politeness. i am to the point, sometimes cuttingly so.
for that, i apologise in advance.
i hope to learn much, and perhaps pass on a bit in the process. -A.I.
Hello - greetings and welcome shiny arya ishtar
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