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Re: Will I marry an agressive type of woman?

hello monteiro25

I'm new in astrology, but I hope I can help

I read somewhere if you're man so, you'll be attracted to someone related to your mars. venus is for woman

So, since your mars is in leo, you may be attracted to leo, the drama and hey, give-all-youre-attention-to-me type of woman. >_<

your moon is in scorpio. I guess you have a very intense emotion. and a liar detector. you hate liar and can be violent to someone who lie to you?

other than that, your 7th house is in cancer, so you may attracted to cancer too.

the combination maybe:
cancer-earth/water ascendant-earth/water moon.

sagitarius or libra will be attractive too, I guess, since your NN is in sagitarius, and the ruler of sagitarius (jupiter) is in libra

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