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Re: Will i get a promotion?

venus=l10 isn't going to change sign any time soon ...she's at 16*47 cap, in order to say something like that venus should have been at the end of cap..but still we have the aspect from moon to venus=l10 (promotion) 1,2 units of time in order the aspect to perfect..moon fixed and succedent so normally i would say slow to medium time in a scale of days- weeks- months it looks like a week something, but it could be also one month something in a scale of weeks- months- years
so yes as i said it looks positive
best luck

****i have one hesitation though about
a: saturn being the almuten of l10 .Normally a promotion means gaining more power at the job. So instead of taking the ruler of the MC, we have to take a planet which has more power in that degree - the almuten .So let's hope that even if this is the case moon tols venus to saturn and venus doesn't prohibit because of the receptions..if that's the case again we will need about 3, 19 units of time..either 3 weeks something or three months something, in order the aspect to perfect.Since in this case saturn signifies also your pocket let's hope that this is what the chart describes that venus the promotion finds saturn...also your pocket, so you'll have a financial raise

b: moon has just separated from an opposition with a very strong mars(another candidate for promotion perhaps), which venus exalts and tols to venus..unfortunately, because of the bad receptions this may also indicate that someone else takes the let's hope once more that this won't happen

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