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Re: Marriage prospects

any reason those were not accepted? They had the potential to turn out to marriage before 2010? currently she is running Jup-Venus dasha until until after 2020/2021 so she has marriage in this timeframe.

But, her 1-7 self-spouse is spoiled with Rahu-Ketu combination both in Rashi and Navamsha chart. Also, Mars in 7th house is debilitated.
Probably she is not that much interested in marriage than she is in affairs. Her moon is exalted in 5th house of love and romance affairs and her mind is focused there and as she aspects 11th house, these affairs are fruitful for her. Ketu in 1st house represents her carefree and wandering in thoughts attitude and is in star of Sun who is in 8th Leo of own house. Sun is again in Ketu star, hence there is a Nakshatra parivartana yoga between Sun and Ketu, and they will strongly signify 1 and 8 houses.

If she marries, it will be only happen with her liking the guy before marriage. Jupiter, Venus, Saturn are all in exalted Moon star and Moon in 5th house strongly indicates love marriage.

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No she was not married rather she was involved in affairs.
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