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Is this relationship safe for us to grow together ?!

Hello guys ... It's been a while since I posted here in the relationship thread !!
I realized that when a relationship is going well, or things are thriving, we don't care about mystical issues and curiosities derived from our emotional attachments that worry us so much. In fact there is even a fear when we ask about a relationship that is going well !!
I want to ask this question, but I admit that I have an ice in my belly !!
The question is: Is this relationship safe for us to grow together ?!
I don't know how much you will see on this chart, but our relationship has undergone a huge transformation this past year, we came back together again about 4 months ago and for all the suffering I went through and she told me that she also suffered ...
I think both of us have a fear that everything will collapse again ... and I confess I don't know how you will interpret but most of the planets are in a 8th house of transformation ... would this be for the better ?!
We are living far away from each other and we want to live together, but each one is working in a new job, the country is economically unstable and I don't think it's time to risk what we just got professionally .... even if this is a huge desire of both. I confess that this relationship has never been as good as it is now ... we are more intimate and more involved in each other's lives.
What do you see guys ?!

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