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Re: I constantly feel rejected by men

Originally Posted by Gemini888 View Post
You still haven't activated transit so I had to draw the chart myself.

Both Saturn and Pluto are in you 5H, but Saturn is making its way to 4H. So the real culprit is Pluto. Pluto may be making you look too intense to men. Chiron is moving retrograde into your 7H where Neptune is sitting, which doesn't help.

Natally, you have some opposition between masculine and feminine energies (Sun square Moon, Venus square Mars). Saturn squares Venus is delaying your attractiveness, and it's in 7H. There is also a yod with Venus/Pluto/Saturn. Venus in 10H and in 0 deg means your Venus is pretty in focus here. I think you are in a phase when you would rather hook up with men more mature and in control than the usual types, but you are rather upset that you don't see anyone like that. You did say something about toxic men. Well, the fact that you realized they were toxic means you at least have some standards. Some people are so desperate they would hook up with anyone and don't even realize they are being abused.
Sorry, I think I did it this time

YES I just want to be with a mature person - more like a Saturnian type - but it's really not working out at all. I'm constantly disappointed although I know I should not expect much from people.

Also, actually in all parts of my life rejection has been the main theme, career-wise as well. So I thought maybe it's just a part of a transit but I think that it's more like a natal chart problem that needs to be solved. I cannot find much information online related to Yods.

Thank you so much!
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