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Re: I feel that we're not completely over. Will we patch back?

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
By the way, the faster planet moves towards or away from the slower one, so mercury does not apply to moon. Moon can apply to mercury and will do so after separating from the Saturn and Neptune aspects.
You are ascendent with significator Saturn, on south node of giving way, holding on to the past, and Pluto is also on the south node, stirring things up. This is all happening to you at the ascendent. Notice that sun, ruler of male figures in general, will be squaring the Saturn/south node/pluto configuration. Conflict, ruling the 8th possibly his money, sex, or maybe ego.
So the separation between Moon-Venus could mean he separated from another gal emotionally or otherwise?
And what would Moon applying to Mercury mean?

Does the SN/Pluto conjunction indicate that I should let go of this r/s? Or more like an internal conflict letting go of past hurts etc? Because lately I've been thinking a lot about this r/s... about him... and there's a lot of inner conflict.

I think the Sun squares are showing the conflict we just had. We met last night and he did something which reminded me of past hurts, so I had a huge fight with him. He kept apologising and said he won't do it again, but I basically told him to get lost. It seems a reconciliation is no where in sight. Does this chart really show things could turn around?

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