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Pluto - Saturn conj is now activated


Pluto - Saturn conj is now activated! Carlos

Helpful advice

Don't go out! Stay home. Be not misdirected.

This can cause downfall. Be ready!

Look out to the Ascendant when you go out. Be prepared!

Watch movies! Good movies - Action, romance, and adventure!

Be speedy. Seek Challenges. )

Saturn - Pluto means misdirection.

Angels can be misdirected. x )

God helps. Psalm 23

When you go out, make sure you wear a good jacket.

When you go out, don't listen to signs too much.

Don't think about riches, too much.

Be still.

Be informed about far views.

Far views means creating things.

Be selective about your social relationships. )

Accurate communication needs to be Taurus-based.

Communication needs to be Taurus-based.

I don't know any other things. ^^

get contact.
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