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Guy seems to be giving couple of my friends a tough time, any advice?

I don't know the ascendant and midheaven signs here because I only know of his birthday without knowing the exact time.

One of my friends works at the same place as this guy for a major corporation and says he is a problematic coworker, does not go into detail but the words are typically "it's (name), again", I can see the misery on his face when he has to deal with him.

The other friend of mines knew this guy in college and has said he was a socially well-connected fraternity guy. Ironically, the year he was a senior his fraternity got kicked off of campus. One thing he told me is that it seemed like whenever he would butt-heads with the guy, he seemed to deal with his army of douchey aggressive friends.

A week ago, I had a bad run-in with one of this guy's fraternity brothers in college who tried to get under my skin and then said some off-hand comments about my friend's appearance as well. I don't even have a dog in this fight and only seen the guy a couple of times!

Anyways, I'd love to get a read on this chart to see what I could be facing if it comes to that.
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