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Re: When to use Equal House System

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Conspiracy theorist, I also see validity in both my Placidus and whole signs natal charts. They give very different pictures; but then, like a photograph of a face, it will look different depending upon whether it's a profile or a full-face view.

Then again, Regiomontanus is the preferred traditional system in horary.

Regiomontanus' popularity in horary readings has more to do with people following William Lily than in it necessarily being the most effective house system to use for horary. With its proliferation back during Lily's time, it would also seem to be the case that Lily used what was available, than a careful survey of options that we are able to enjoy.

With that, I've gotten good results in horary by sticking to Placidus, and then you have those who use whole sign houses and are able to divine effectively.

I think for any explanation for why two separate house systems, and even two totally disparate systems of astrology are able to describe the same object/subject adequately, one would have to be open to explanations of a more esoteric nature. Phenomena such as engramming, egregores, synchronicity and the nature of consciousness would have to be accounted for in a way that is digestible/intelligible for an intelligent layperson for astrology to be accepted on a large scale in our current world. Engramming and egregores are within the realm of metaphysics/magic so that will be disregarded as bunk, Jung is looked at with heavy skepticism, and scientists are stumped on what Consciousness actually is. It's proven that consciousness has an effect at the quantum level, and a heavy component of divination (astrology) is the consciousness of the reader. If this sounds too speculative for you, I'd understand, but I don't think the explanations that we currently have at hand are adequate enough to really settle the issue of what makes all these different ways of interfacing with astrology work.

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