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Smile Re: When to use Equal House System

I NEEDED the Whole-sign House method to even begin taking the Houses seriously. Placidus definitely wasn't describing my situation, so I concentrated on Signs, rulership, and Aspects. I didn't know about Whole-sign until I joined this Community (thanks, J.A.!). The Houses finally clicked into place for me, when it came to my own Chart.
But, now I see that Placidus works in so many Charts, I actually start with that, and change to Whole-sign when Placidus obviously isn't working. Looking back, I can see now that I started out on a life-path where Placidus was correct for me, but I changed paths to one best described by Whole-sign. It was AFTER I'd already made the change, that I began really studying Astrology, and was using my own Chart to test the validity of the many Astrological techniques. So, for any new Astrologers, don't limit your judgement about what "works" and what doesn't to your own Natal-chart!
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