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Re: SATURN RETURN...please help me astrology friends :(

Originally Posted by Lin View Post
Saturn will trine your Mars and sextile your MC and Pluto this year. You will be getting some of your needs met with these transits (whether it comes from liking your job, finding a good relationship, overcoming your addiction, etc) and you will "feel better" overall.

There is no fixed rule about when the aspect is the strongest. I like the explanation above...but it only works if the heavy planet doesn't go on to make MORE difficult aspects as it moves thru the house.

For you, Saturn goes on to make another easier. Of course that doesn't happen in the near future (check your ephemeris).
But no matter how lucky you are with job and relationship, it could all go to hell if you go back to your addictive behaviors....because until you know why you got into that gambling cycle , it's always possible for it to "come back" when you are emotionally weak...or whatever it was which prompted you to begin doing that behavior.

A program that addresses addictions is something you need...if you haven't already found one.

I think most astrologers and also psychologists would agree that compulsions and addictions don't come from out of the day.....
you have to be honest with yourself and look to your past for other compulsions or addictive behaviors. The gambling might have been just the latest or the most expensive.
Hi Lin,

Thank you so much for your reply, it really resonates with me. Although I have overcome the gambling for right now. It is always in the back of my mind that the compulsive and addictive behaviour will come back when I have a weak moment.

I was lucky to have the support to overcome the gambling addiction this time, but I fear if I relapse everything in my life could crumble.

I am looking forward to the trine to my mars and sextile to my pluto that saturn will make. It is not for a little while, but this does provide some relief

Thanks again for your insight
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