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Originally Posted by The_Saturnian View Post
Moon trine Neptune especially if one or the other is deposited in the 12th, I feel, seems to be a common natal placement for those who are naturally intuitive. Wish I was born with this.
Oh yes, my son has moon in 12th and Neptune in Pisces in 1st. I can see he is psychic even though he is very young. He's extremely sensitive to the blunt energies of other ppl but having me there to say everything's OK and to calm him down makes him feel better. He's a scared boy and I'm the only one who truly comforts him. My mother in law has a scary mental disorder and now that my son talks properly (had speech delay) he now tells me he's scared of her and doesn't want to see her anymore. I feel the same way, and my mother who is also a little psychic feels the same.
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