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Originally Posted by The_Saturnian View Post
What kind of psychic dreams do you have? Ones of someone's potential future? I curious about this as often I hear/see in YouTube people talking about their experience of 'timelines' some of which collapse.
Hmmm... What are timelines?

The first dream I payed attention to was that of the mass immigration to Germany a few years ago. I dreamt it two months before it happened but most of the time my dreams occur as the event is in motion. But because it is my dream, I'm usually in the dream. So the ship of immigrants turned up to the shore where I live. And the ppl looked Indian with colourful scarves and outfits. They went straight into the food courts like nothing had happened. I had another two dreams that exposed secret undertakings. Then some expose what family members are doing. But my latest one was of the after party at the golden globes. That one really shocked me!!
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