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Hi everyone,

I really found out that I would wish to start a little restaurant.This is which I would really like to do and I am working on it,but in the mean time I am looking for a job,because right now I am living with my parents again,after resigning of 3 dreadful jobs in a row(Uranus is in my sixth house right now).Now I am living of money I made before in the past 16 years,and of selling my house,but it is shrinking and I want to move out and work again!I am thinking of becoming a teacher for a long time now,before eventually fulfilling my dream:a little restaurant(and my plans have some forms yet,but takes some time and money,something for the future!)

Here is my natal chart,together with progressions and transits:

And here is my Solar Return chart

It looks like Pluto is playing a major part in my life.Although not exact anymore it is squaring my natal Pluto and my natal Mercury,and completely changed my life so far:my job,squaring with Mercury in the 6th house,together with Uranus in the 6th house,relations and where I live,also my thinking...

He is not ready with me yet,the ascendant of my solarreturn chart is conjunct my natal Pluto.So my 12th house ,the unconscious is getting conscious,first by squaring its natal position,and is not ready yet because he plays the leading role,being so tight to the ascendant of my SR.

According to me,although very challenging but possible,I can become a teacher for now.With Jupiter in the third house:Education(Ju),expanding knowledge(Ju)in the house of communication and school(H3).Making a trine to Me(communication),and Me is helped by Ur.Uranus gives the changing push in the back for Mercury in the 6th House(job,making money for a living),cause they are in conjunction and Me makes a separating aspect with Ur.Mars(energy) in Gemini(knowledge)conjuncting the MC(the role in the world).But here is the challenge,it is squaring Me/Ur,and has also a little trouble with the aspect with Jupiter,and don't know how to read the opposition with Pluto in H4????.But there is some good help here:Venus,with a separating conjunction helped by Neptune,and accompanied by the Moon in H5(Children!!).And important here:Venus is the ruler of my rising sign!The ruler of H10 in H6:the vocation for this year can be found in a job.There is a lot to say about my natal chart too:after all my Moon is in Cancer in H10,which can be red like this:children(Moon)in H10(the world),nourishing and taking care of(Cancer).And progressed MC is in H11,so is Saturn:groups,community taking serious by Saturn there,and in my SR chart,Saturn is making a trine with the Sun!

Well,I could use a little help here.What do you all think of Pluto,how can this be red?And what kind of teacher:languages,geography,anything else?Hope you will help me here,would be much appreciated!

One thing :Jupiter(education)is in conjunction with my progressed Moon!
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