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Re: Mystic Rectangle in Composite

hi Kalyxa

the mystic rectangle is very favorable for the reasons you mention. the sextiles and trines make the opposition constructive instead of alienating.
wit Jupiter opposed to pluto at midheaven , one would think this relationship has t do wit a work environment . midheaven could imply a powerful corporation in involved as this position show great economic or social power/prestige.
the sun opposition to Neptune is not something to be concerned about because with Jupiter and pluto ,Neptune will bring sensitivity and prescient insights to all matters. neptune makes the relationship flexible .Neptune can show the environment involves creativity .

the aspect that concerns me is the venus opposition to the Saturn/Pluto midpoint. this aspect shows very restrained emotional responses and doesn't support a romantic connection usually, as emotional openness is usually limited.

the sun/moon midpoint is square to the Neptune/Saturn midpoint which shows that there are definitely boundaries here. this shows that the relationship will never be transparent as he has responsibilities that preclude him from being open and direct.

the moon/Saturn midpoint is opposed to the venus/mars midpoints which may be the aspect that you find emotionally attractive, as this patter shows emotional attraction directed toward a serious or stable relationship .

chiron is square the node which brings an intensity to your mental rapport with him as this aspect shows a intelligent and analytical quality between you. this aspect ,if applied to a work situation shows that accurate critical analysis is a common ability . but this aspect is also a bit edgy and often minor discrepancies can turn into major disagreements. this aspect tends to allow the partners to understand each other at the deepest levels. but here with the Saturn/Neptune midpoint square to the sun/moon midpoint ,this intimacy is unlikely to show up.

with the moon sextile to Uranus and trine to chiron, your relationship is marked with intelligence and deductive certainty that gives the ability to analyze and make correct adjustments or decisions.

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