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Mystic Rectangle in Composite

What is the meaning of this configuration in the composite chart? The planets and houses involved in this case are sixth house Sun opposite twelfth house Neptune, and fourth house Jupiter opposite tenth house Pluto. Jupiter and Pluto are sitting right on the Midheaven/IC axis as well.

Would the sextiles and trines in the mystic rectangle provide support to the oppositions and make them easier to deal with? I feel like it could potentially provide stability in the relationship, especially in the areas of life corresponding to the houses involved. I'm more concerned about the Sun opposite Neptune aspect specifically though, and wondering how this type of energy could be manifested in a positive way, and if the mystic rectangle formation would help with that.

I feel an incredibly special, almost sublime connection with this individual. I knew after meeting them just a few times that they were supposed to be a part of my life somehow, regardless of whatever relationship that ended up being. We have strong connections in synastry as well which I'm sure explain in part the intense feelings I am having though.
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