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Re: Job opportunity abroad

Hi there, sorry for the delay.

I think there will be some trouble getting a job, if not a great deal of difficulty. The Moon is immediately applying to oppose Saturn, in the 9th of foreign countries (you); and since the Moon is in the 3rd house this may have to do with the relevant 'paperwork' necessary to work.

Venus, the job(s), is combusted in the 5th house, peregrine and in very poor shape (although Venus is in the house of her joy, strengthening her somewhat). I was hoping to see some collection of light, which indeed the Moon *does* do, translating the light between the separating aspect of Saturn and Venus, but because this is a set of oppositions and squares, I imagine that you may find it very difficult indeed to 'make it work'. Not impossible, but very difficult. I wish I had better news.

Good luck!
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