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Job opportunity abroad

Hi, this is my first attempt to horary astrology so I really need your help! I have several appointments in a foreign country to where I should go fairly soon.
What I've understood from the chart:
-I'm represented by Saturn (AC Capricorn) and my question has to do with the tenth house so here the Quesited is ruled by Venus (Libra)
-Jupiter in the first house is beneficial, showing I may get what I want
-Saturn square Venus indicates the opposite, ie complications on reaching my goal (but a square can always be "worked on", right?)
-as the fourth house from the matter represents the issue of my concern, here I should study what a first house in Capricorn means (maybe: the key to success is discipline and hard-work?)
-regarding aspects of the Moon, the first one is Moon conjunct Neptune which could be interpreted as me mistaking dreams for reality, second is Moon square Venus (I can't figure out a career-oriented interpretation here), Moon square Sun (obstacles, delays?), Moon trine Mercury (my emotional anxieties prevent me from succeeding?), Moon opposition Saturn (I must clarify my thoughts, make up my mind regarding this change in my career), Moon sextile Pluto (positive issue: if I try my best I can succeed despite the difficulties previously mentionned)
To sum-up, I guess that as this professional opportunity would be a big change for me (new job AND a new, different country) I may "sabotage" myself because of my fears and anxieties but if my will is strong and I train mentally I could get what I want.
Now, what do you think? Any aspect or planetary placements that are significant and that I forgot?
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