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"Beauty" in natal chart?

all these people are considered beautiful,
all these people has....

1:angularity on face,
2:small nose,
3:full lips,
4:lower eyebrows,
5:big brow ridge,
6:almond eyes,
8:high cheekbones,
9:defined jawline
10:deep eyes,
11:high stature
12:slim and athletic body
these look like misterious,strong and somewhat "evil"...

in today's society, when fewer of these things you have, the more ugly you are ...
I do not want to know what signs give beauty ... but what signs are responsible for these traits, it does not mean they are the most beautiful, however, are currently considered the most beautiful by most
I think it's even a reflection of today's society where people like the "bad" things, so would like a darker beauty ... or have many other explanations, lol

what sign or aspects are atributed all or some of these physical traits?
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