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Most intense final interview ever. Am I getting the job?

For the last three weeks I have been interviewing with a company that I am extremely interested in. I cast this chart right after my first round interview with the person who was essentially doing an initial screening / culture fit sort of interview. Since then I met with three other people from the business and then the CEO yesterday. I had googled him and watched some videos of him being interviewed on tv or the radio and he came across really measured and chill, so it was a bit surprising to me that he was so intense in our interview. He basically jumped in and fired questions at me like he had a machine gun. I basically thought this was in the bag until I met him, and now I am a bit perplexed. He was difficult to read, while the others were really easy to show that they liked me. I even saw the person I would be reporting to right before the interview and she said, "just be yourself and your personality will shine through." He didn't even give me a real opportunity to show my personality, so I'm quite put off.

Based on the initial chart I cast, it looks like a yes to me. The moon being in the 12th didn't make sense to me, but now it does as I feel I am in the dark and before I wasn't. Also, the square between L10 and me didn't make sense, but now it does. There is no aspect between Saturn and the Moon, so that is where I am concerned that maybe I am not getting this offer after all. Would I assign L10 to the CEO and the other planets trine the Moon the other two rounds of interviews I had?

I realllllllyyyyy reallly realllllllyyyy want this job. I haven't wanted a job this badly in as long as I can remember. I have concerns about his natal against mine. If I have the birth year correct (his birthday is on his LinkedIn page), his Mars exactly squares my Venus conjunct AC. Our Moons would make a nice sextile with a 1 degree orb, so maybe that would have smoothed over the Mars square AC and also my Venus on the AC may soften that too. I just wonder if I rubbed him the wrong way and there would be ego clash, etc.

I won't know until most likely early next week (CEO told me they will make a decision by early next week the latest). So anyone care to take a stab? Here is the chart.
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