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What could be his sign/ascendant? Don't you just hate that question?

I know I do, but each time I somehow get entangled into a web of what ifs...
My friend asked me only yesterday about the guy she likes and whom I met on several occasions. She's really into him and hasn't felt that way for a while, so I'd love to help her out and I would really appreciate your opinion... just for fun! I don't expect anybody to be serious with not enough information.

First, his physical appearance: He's about 6 feet (1m85) tall, with blue-green eyes, dark complexion, he's fit (but not in great shape) and has strong hands. Wears glasses. In a weird way, he reminded me on Hugh Grant (Virgo, I don't know the ascendant)

Demeanor: positive attitude, charming, makes jokes, talks extremely fast, can come off as someone who's disorganized and does too many things at the same time and/or doesn't listen to people (but his mind works like a computer when he's not too tired). He has a nervous energy but not negative, just busy. He is good with people and his patients and is well liked. I have seen that he has some influence on women (not that he's specifically charming them or seducing them) since he has that boyish charm (Sagittarius?). He's very close to his family (that lives in another country) and visits them often. He could be in his late thirties (or in his forties, just looking younger).

Job: He has worked at a hospital for years as a physiotherapist (works with hands - Mercury, helps people Virgo?) but it seems that he will soon go into private practice / his office (from what I hear) is not tidy quite the opposite, mess doesn't bother him. When they spoke about the change of work he said that he preferred to keep his prices reasonable and help more patients than to overcharge and help only a few. It seems that he likes earning well, but not at all costs. There's certainly some sense of justice in that regard (Libra, Sagittarius?)

The first thing that came to mind was Libra with some influence of Sagittarius (charisma, happy-go-lucky attitude) and Mercury (Gemini or Virgo ascendant except that he's too untidy and not enough focused on details for a Virgo). He's very manual and tactile (not just his job, he feels comfortable making physical contact with people, hugging friends, touching people he talks too - which is really rare in the western culture we live in) and has wide mouth/broad smile. It keeps bringing me back to Mercury influence.

As far as we know, he was married and has kids.

My conclusion would be Sagittarius with Libra ascendant, putting his Sun in the third house (it's a stretch).

Any ideas?
Thank you
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