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My ex is a scorpio woman!

She broke up with me, I'm a pisces! She tell me she dont love me anymore. After that we still have talk, hang out 2 and have a date. We kiss and hug, greatnight. But after my birthday, she give me a teddy by post office. We in longdistance relationship. We still contact but yesterday, she call me: "hey...... Are you there...... I wan to talk that..... That... We should stop contacting now, I need a time. I dont feel good when we still contact"! What? she bring me up and down after all. Like a playing mind game. We broke cuz I was too jealous, needy and weak behaviour. We in longdistance but we met everymonth. I know ver hard to change her mind, she told me when she had a choice she believe her choice always right! I want to get her back.
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