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Re: Relocation Natal Effects

Thank you for your interesting story and to keep us updated.

I want to first make a statement of me not being any kind of expert. I have been studying astrology for a long time and I am very interested in what they call a mundoscope and have been looking into it. It is what siderealists call the real placement of the stars and they make a case of it. The most important planets will then be those that come very close to the angles.

Well I just tried making your relocation chart in a mundoscope and it shows that Saturn and Pluto come right to the angle, to your MC. This is not at all good, since Saturn is the great malefic and would make Pluto to behave difficult as well being just conjunct it.

Moon would come to your IC angle, so important as well.

This makes me think that relocation to San Francisco is not a good idea for you at all.

Looking at your mundoscope for NY it shows the opposite, Saturn and Pluto would still be on the angle, very close to your MC. It does not show good results for work.

How can a relocational astrologer come to the conclusion that it is good for a person to live where the great malefic is conjunct his MC???
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