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Re: I'm concerned about my longevity...

Originally Posted by sethi View Post
My personal astrologer (I had one at one time) told me (without my asking) about the length of life I would have. I will not mention it here but...

My life line concurs on it, plus

There is a change of Dasha (planetary time as per vedic) during that time period too

I am not really sure on what to think of it.

I once predicted the type of death by looking at the palm (palmistry) for some relative quite some time back (25 years to be exact) and I got the scolding of my lifetime from my parents.
That astrologer had no business mentioning your death at all. Unethical and irresponsible especially as you had not asked for it.....I agree about the scolding from your parents... Leave the issues of death well out of prediction of any sort...
The stars impel, not compel.
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